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Abstract Classification

        Optical devices and systems
        Biochemical sensors and assays
        Optical imaging and light sources
        Microfabrication and integration
        Materials and modification
        Wearable and implantable devices
        Energy and environment
        Optofluidic and flexible displays
        Droplets and emulsions
        Other emerging and multidisciplinary researches

Special Topic Sessions

        STS_A: Sea-on-a-chip and water
        STS_B: Advanced cellular imaging
        STS_C: Optical microcavity and sensing
        STS_D: Metamaterials, plasmonics and metasurface
        STS_E: Artificial retina and other neural prostheses
        STS_F: Cost-effective microfluidic devices for bioanalysis
        STS_G: Fiber-based optofluidics